3 Most Common Pieces of Heavy Equipment That You Should Know

Caterpillar PartsThis machine, the heavy equipment machine it’s a useful machine that can help you to build the skills that you need to keep these machine running at peak performance, but the works of these machine is depend on the job and also location, for your information one machine may be better suited than another machine for a particular task. There are lots of the type of the heavy machine or heavy equipment, but generally, you should know about three types of heavy equipment machine. So here the list of the three heavy equipment machine:

  • Earth- moving machinery,
  • Roadway machinery and,
  • Lifting machinery.

But in this article, I will provide you with the three heavy equipment machines that most commonly used by people on their job site.

  1. Bulldozer

This is the most common machine that used by all the worker in the field. Yup, bulldozer. This tool is the most recognizable heavy equipment machine because this tool is always nearly in the every major job, you can find this machine easily when you see the big project. This heavy machine is used to move a large amount of earth across even in the larger areas, this machine have a flat blade in the front that can be adjusted by the operator. This tool gave wide tracks that allow them to cover uneven terrain, so you do not have to worry if you cannot do that, a bulldozer will help you to do your job. So guys, here the three classifications of the bulldozer:

  1. Position of blades
  2. Based on mountings
  • Wheel mounted
  • Crawler mounted
  1. Based on the control
  • Cable controlled
  • Hydraulically controlled
  1. Hydraulic Excavator

The second one is Hydraulic Excavator, yup, I believe that you sometimes see this heavy equipment machine in some projects. This tool is very useful because this tool is capable of digging up the larger amount of earth. It is also one of the most common ones to get used caterpillar parts for. Wow, it’s really amazing, right? This machine is amazing and very versatile because this tool can help you to dig arm that can move around 360 degrees. So, this heavy equipment also can help you to dig soils and also rocks, you can also use this tools for cutting steel, crushing rocks. This tool has weight around 20.000 pounds (9,072 kg) or higher.

  1. Wheel Dozer or Wheel Loader

Some people may call this heavy equipment machine as wheel dozer but some people may call it as a wheel loader. So, this tools basically is the combination between wheel loader and bulldozers, that’s why this tools called wheel dozers. This tools may help you for loading soil when winter is coming to this tools can help you moving snow in large quantity and also this tool help you in forestry. This tool equipped with a dozer blade in place of the loader arms and bucket and this tools is a perfect combination of two heavy tools that can help you to finish your work easily.

So, how? Are you understand about each tool above? About the use of the tools above? I hope this article give you a better understanding of heavy equipment.

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